During the eight weeks leading up to the opening night on Saturday the 29th of August 1959 the Quarrymen were expected to muck in with preparing the Casbah. John Lennon pained the Aztec ceiling, Paul McCartney painted the Rainbow ceiling, George painted what can only be described as orange/brown/ what the hell is that colour ceiling.

29th of August 1959. People started to queue in the driveway at 12 noon. By 5pm the line had reached the bottom of the road and by 7pm when the doors opened it had curtailed into West Derby Village with almost 3000 people trying to gain admission to a club which held 200. The Casbah’s instant success took Mo completely by surprise. She hadn’t realised the impact of opening Liverpool’s first rock N Roll club. Word had spread all over the city and they had come from all over the city. The Casbah was full within 30 minutes. However, the casbah was a membership club and signing people up continued to 10pm. At that point the crowd was outside dispersed. They had to go home and try again next week. It was showtime. The enthusiastic teenage crowd inside chanted “We want the Quarrymen.” The group took the stage to rapturous applause. They played as The Quarrymen for 13 weeks and then their performances stopped. Why?