Week No 13. Ken Brown couldn’t play. He had stomach cramps and couldn’t stand up but refused to go home. Mo spoke to John, Paul, and George about whether they could perform without Ken and they assured her they could. It was decided Ken could sit on the door and earn his money that way collecting entrance fees and signing people up to membership. At the end of the night, the £3.00 pounds the lads were paid was split equally as usual amongst the four of them. This led to arguments concerning Ken’s payment.
He hadn’t played and shouldn’t be included in the split. Mo argued he’d still worked. This didn’t placate the other boys who stormed off stating they would never play the Casbah again. Even though they never played the Casbah again as the Quarrymen they did frequently because their girlfriends still came to the Casbah and they enjoyed watching the other groups Mo had started to book. Mo had been inundated with groups asking to play. She never booked them because of the Quarrymen, they were her resident group. However, she did fill a book with groups and their details in the eventuality of the Quarrymen not being able to play one day. Mo made two decisions. The first being Saturday night had proved so successful she was going to open the Casbah seven nights a week. She was also going to open the book and start booking other groups. The flood gates opened and the Casbah soon became Liverpool’s premier venue for Merseybeat groups, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Derry and the Seniors, The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes, The Big 3, Ian and the Zodiacs, Earl Preston and the Tempest Tornadoes and the list goes on.