The cellar of 8 Haymans Green was beginning to look like a club, but it didn’t have a name or a band to play. Mo was watching a film called ‘Algiers’ starring the French actor Charles Boyer. In the movie he turns to his love interest and say’s “Come with me to the Casbah.” Mo loved it. She imagined a young man doing exactly that were her club was concerned and so it had its name, the Casbah Coffee Club. But she still needed a group to play and spoke to a young girl called Ruth Morrison. Ruth knew her local Rock N Roll groups and suggested Mo book the Les Stewart Quartet. Ruth arranged for Mo to meet Ken Brown an aspiring singer/guitarist who was in the band and few days later. Mo and Ken hit it off like a house on fire and it was agreed the group would not only open the Casbah but have a resident Saturday night spot. With eight weeks to go Ken came and saw Mo. The group had split up. Ken and the lead guitarist from the group George Harrison wanted to open the Casbah as a duo. Mo didn’t like the idea. She wanted a group. So, the two boys set out on putting a new band together. George had friends who weren’t doing anything and was back the next day with John Lennon and Paul McCartney in tow. After some discussion a price was agreed upon and an opening night date was in place. Mo asked what the group was called? John Lennon replied saying he used to have a group called the Quarrymen and they would use the name again. And they did.