Haymans Green was constantly besieged by Pete and Rory’s friends. Going back and forth from the cellars to the attic in a constant procession from morning to night. Mo finally told the boys she wanted a break. Friday no friends. Friday was going to be a family night and on this occasion it was. They gathered around the TV to watch a music programme called the 6-5 Special. The show was featuring a coffee bar in London called 2i’s and it’s thriving rock n roll scene mentioning artists who had made it from there, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Tommy Steele, Marty Wild and the Wild Cats and so on. At the end of the programme Mo was intrigued and asked Johnny Best if Liverpool had anything like the 2i’s. He told Mo there was nothing like that in Liverpool. And there it was, the moment.
Mo decided she wanted to clear the cellars of the house, she wanted to create a Rock N Roll Coffee Club, she wanted to book groups to perform there and she wanted Pete and Rory and all their friends to help make it happen, after all, it was going to benefit them. They would have somewhere to hangout. She assured Johnny Best it wouldn’t inconvenience him. It would be her club, she would manage it. Johnny was reluctant, but realised it was happening with or without his blessing. The work began the very next day. It didn’t take long before the garden began looking like a builder’s yard, but the eager young workforce continued and word of what was happening began to spread. There was going to be a Rock N Roll Club.