Learning at the Museum

Learning at

the Museum

Educational Visits

We offer guided tours to groups of students ranging from infant to university level. Topics can be selected from a range of workshops available or, if preferred, following consultation with educators prior to the visit, we can produce a bespoke tour with appropriate resources.

School groups can learn about the history of the Beatles and follow the timeline across three floors

Posters and media from the time help children learn more about what it was like in the 1960s

School groups have the opportunity to view musical instruments and sing along to Beatles songs

Students can explore the collection in their own time

Tours can be tailored to suit what the group is studying at college or university

The primary sources in the museum provide great research opportunities for student groups

What to Expect

Primary School

School groups will enjoy a guided tour where they will learn about the Beatles and what life was like in 1960s. “Beatles Explorer” treasure hunt worksheets can be downloaded free from our website. These encourage younger students to search the museum and locate exhibits using visual clues. This exercise serves to reinforce learning and stimulate interest, and can be modified to any age group. We also offer a sing along at the end of the tour and encourage students to join in singing their favourite Beatles songs!

Secondary School

Students will be taken on a guided tour of the museum and can use the many primary sources in the museum to learn more about the social, cultural and historical impact of the band and the changes that happened in the 1960s. Worksheets are available to download from our website, which cater for activities covering marketing, fashion and music, and can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

Colleges and Universities

The museum provides rich and diverse opportunities for advanced studies and by working with unique primary and secondary sources promotes engagement with both The Beatles’ lives and the social and cultural history of the 1950s to the 1970s.

We can offer groups guided tours or allow students to have a more independent experience exploring the museum for themselves.

What’s New in Education at the Museum?

We now offer an exciting opportunity for students to explore how the Beatles recorded their music. Students can witness demonstrations of the typical instrumentation used by the Beatles when they were recording.

They can even have a go themselves, learning how all the instruments including voices are recorded and eventually mixed to produce a finished product. We give them the opportunity to produce their own mix and hear the finished sound of their hard work – a real fun introduction into the world of recording music!


Beatles Explorer Workbooks

Key Stage 3 and 4 Workbooks

"Thanks so much for the visit - the children won't stop talking about it!"

LIPA Primary School

"Loved the trip!"

St Joseph’s Primary School

"A fabulous experience for all of us"

Marie Goble, Teacher at Ysgol Wepre School

"I would recommend the museum to my friends and family and everyone I know because it was amazing!

Sam, Year 6 Ormskirk Primary School

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