The Exhibition

John Lennon’s Sergeant
Pepper medals

Paul McCartney’s bass
guitar speaker

The cello from
Magical Mystery Tour

George Harrison’s Futurama Grazio guitar

Pete Best’s Premier drum kit (circa 1960 – 1962)

Ringo’s Ludwig snare drum and stool

Apple boardroom

Clothes, letters, telegrams
posters, flyers, jewellery and much more

A Taste of our collection

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore first hand an unimaginable wealth of items, including original guitars and drums from the Hamburg days, John Lennon’s itinerary from their first American tour, the white cello from Magical Mystery Tour, the medals John Lennon wore on the cover of Sgt Pepper, Paul McCartney’s bass amp, George Harrison’s ukelele as well as hundreds of other personal items, including never before seen letters, exclusive interviews with the band members and previously unseen footage of the Beatles.

This museum is a milestone in Beatles’ history and an incredible showcase – not to be missed by any serious Beatles fan.

Pete Best

Original Beatles drummer

The Liverpool Beatles Museum is a genius idea and a must see for Beatles fans.

Bryan Burk

Producer of Lost, Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Star Wars movies

One Museum, Hundreds of Stories

The only place in the world with so many genuine items owned by the Beatles, including instruments, stage clothes and personal letters


23 Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE