The Beginning

So, what on earth would inspire a person to make a Beatles Museum?

In my case, my unique family history. My eldest brother Pete Best was in the band for over 2 years, my father Neil Aspinall worked with the Beatles for all of his adult life and was regarded as their closest and most loyal confident. My mother Mona Best was recently recognised as one of the most inspirational women in Liverpool due to her entrepreneurial idea in 1959 to open Liverpool’s first Rock N Roll Club – The Casbah Coffee Club, where this part of my family story began.

So, let’s start at the beginning. My mother Mona Best – affectionately known as The Mother of Merseybeat opened the Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool on Saturday the 29th of August 1959.A lady way ahead of her time. Little did she know The Casbah was the spark which ignited not only the Merseybeat movement, but the greatest music phenomenon of all time, The Beatles.

Mona (Always known as Mo) was from an Irish military family whom had been stationed in India. And it was in India at a military dance that she met, fell in love, and subsequently married the young and dashing army Captain Johnny Best. The war came to an end and John Best and his beautiful wife Mona, and their two young sons Pete and Rory headed home to Liverpool on the last troop ship out of India The Georgic.

All the best,