Growing up in India Mo was used to much more freedom. She used to go down to the ship yards with her brothers acting as bookies, they would take bets on little Mo high diving from the masts of ships. An activity that was stopped by the navy security. Swimming with sharks was also undertaken for betting money and running up the back of an alligator. Mo had even enjoyed riding the wall of death as a stunt motorcyclist. So, bearing all this in mind it won’t surprise you to read what’s coming next.

Mo gathered all her jewellery together and pawned it to raise money to place a bet. She took the money and bet on a horse, an outsider in the 1954 Derby called ‘Never say Die.’ Mo knew little about horse racing at this time, but she was a gambler. She bet on the horse because she like its name. ‘Never say Die’ stood for not giving up and she hadn’t.

‘Never Say Die’ won the 1954 Derby and Mo got her winnings. She got her jewellery back and nearly got her house. Nearly because the owners withdrew it from sale. In 1957 the house came back on the market. Mo bought it, ignoring her husband’s concerns the house would be a big white elephant. So, she bought No 8 Haymans Green, West Derby, Liverpool