With a little help from our friends: see who’s visited the museum

A Saucerful of Secrets at the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Nick Mason, Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt dropped in for a visit during their 2022 European Tour!

It was an honor to meet Nick Mason, a founding member of Pink Floyd, who visited the museum with Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet and bass player Guy Pratt who has worked with Michael Jackson and Madonna, amongst many others.

The three memeber of A Saucerful of Secrets were in Liverpool for a show at the Philharmonic that night which we were kindly invited to!

It’s not ‘Everyday’ we see Noddy Holder at the museum!

Noddy stopped in for a guided tour while he was in Liverpool to visit LIPA, Paul McCartney’s Performing Art School in the city.

Noddy is a huge Beatles fan and recalls paying £3.00 to see the Beatles back in the day – what a bargain!

A visit from songsmith Tim Rice!

We were delighted to welcome Tim Rice into the museum ahead of his appearance at the Liverpool Playhouse!

He thoroughly enjoyed seeing his reading from John Lennon’s “In His Own Write” on display on the 2nd floor, and called the museum a “marvellous place” – which we have to agree with!

‘Do You Want to Know A Secret?’ – Billy J Kramer at the museum!

Billy J Kramer visited us at the museum for a walk down memory lane, as well as taking part in a special project that we will be sharing later in the year!

Billy was a friend of the Beatles and key member of the Merseybeat scene, so he particularly enjoyed our first floor collection exploring the music in Liverpool and Hamburg during the early 60s.

Clem Burke checked out the drum collection at the museum

We were delighted to welcome Blondie drummer Clem Burke to the museum and show him our Beatles drum collection!

Clem went from the museum to the Cavern to perform with his band The Tearaways, another amazing show on Mathew Street!


Big Mal’s daughter Julie Rossow

We were excited to welcome Julie Rossow, daughter of Mal Evans, into the museum this month!

She had so many lovely stories about her dad and she loved finding all the photos of him around the museum!

Julie will be back with us during Beatle Week in August, we can’t wait!

Alice Cooper’s own Cindy and Dennis Dunaway stop by the museum

Here are Cindy and Dennis Dunaway really digging the Liverpool Beatles Museum.
Dennis is the original bass guitarist for none other than Alice Cooper! He also co-wrote a number of Al’s biggest hits.

Cindy is the sister of Alice’s drummer, Neal Smith, and also their original costume designer. So it’s a good job she’s not scared of snakes eh!


A visit from May Pang!

It was amazing to have our friend May Pang pay a visit to the museum this month. 

May Pang was John Lennon’s partner for over two years and today is a guest speaker at major Beatle events. It was a pleasure to show her around the museum, which she found to be a highly emotional experience that brought back a lot of memories for her.

Who do you share a birthday with? Linda Thorson share’s hers with the one and only Paul McCartney!

It was amazing to have the lovely Linda Thorson visit us here at the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Linda was famously Tara King on The Avengers and made a wonderful contribution to our ‘In His Own Write’ video, which is on display on our 2nd floor!


Jola on the drums!

It was great to show Jola around the museum after enjoying her amazing gig with Adam Ant at the Philharmonic in Liverpool.

Jola loved the museum and – like all drummers – was so excited to see our original Beatle drums!

A visit from Liverpool’s own Craig Charles

Musician, producer, actor and presenter Craig Charles recently stopped by to visit his old friend Roag Best and enjoy a guided tour around the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

Craig, well known for his part in ‘Red Dwarf’ as well as his presentation of ‘Robot Wars’, has been a long time friend of Roag and was delighted to see Roag’s dreams of establishing a Beatles museum in Liverpool come true.

Craig commented, “this place is absolutely amazing and a fantastic addition to Liverpool’s heritage”.



Cheap Trick get their own brick on Mathew Street – but not before visiting the Liverpool Beatles Museum!

Tom and Paul from the museum were lucky enough to meet Tom Petersson and Daxx Nielson from Cheap Trick when they visited the museum recently!

The guys took a break from rehearsing at the Cavern Club up the road to explore the museum and do some filming for their upcoming documentary.

Clear skies at the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Owain Wyn Evans is a Welsh weather broadcaster and BBC presenter as well as being a passionate drummer!

He stopped into the Liverpool Beatles Museum while in Liverpool to present the Liverpool Tourism Awards, which we were thrilled to be nominated for.

A B.B. King connection at the museum

We were delighted to welcome Tony Coleman, B.B. King’s drummer, to the museum!

He enjoyed looking at the Beatles drums and thought they were tiny compared to his modern kits.

He stopped in in between his appearances at the UK Drum Show and promised us he’d play ‘Oh! Darling’ as a tribute to the museum.

Emmy nomination and 3 Tony Awards later, Martha Plimpton stops off at the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Martha Plimpton took a break from Liverpool Comic Con to come and visit us at the museum!

Martha ia a huge Beatles fan and came to visit us with her agent Stephanie Youngblood.

Martha appeared in the Goonies and the play Sweat with our very own Leanne Best!

Twist and Shout with Twisted Sister!

Twisted Sister guitarist and Goldmine feature writer Jay Jay French – another of our guests at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

An impressive Beatles historian, Jay Jay went on to write a stunning review of the museum for the inclusion in Goldmine Magazine!


Motown meets the Mersey!

We were visited by the acclaimed film, TV and theatre director and producer of the smash hit ‘Motown’! Charles Randolph Wright checked out the Liverpool Beatles Museum while he was in town recently.

With him is the owner of the museum’s collection Roag Best whose brother, original Beatle Pete Best, is also called Randolph. Charles is a big fan of the Beatles and we all know the Beatles were big fans of Motown.

Painting the room in a colourful way with Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson (a literary giant) signing our Wall of Fame. Mark has worked extensively with Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Cher, Ozzie Osbourne and a plethora of artists in his long and distinguished career. 

A massive Beatles fan, Mark says of the museum, “This place in unbelievable!”

A Beatles fly on the wall – Richard Langham

It was a pleasure to meet Richard Langham, the Beatles 2nd engineer who worked on a number of iconic Beatles albums, including Please Please Me, A Hard Day’s Night, Let It Be and many more!

 Richard signed our Wall of Fame and was inspired by the collection to reminisce about his time with the Beatles, great stories and a great guy! He now has his own company that sells soap called Redbuoy. Check it out, otherwise who would want to hold your hand, eh?

Walking through history with Rod Davies

One of the first people ever to play alongside John Lennon, Rod Davies was a member of The Quarrymen, John’s first band formed from his close school friends, in the late 50s.

Rod took part in the evolution of The Quarrymen as Paul and George later joined the band. Rod had a front row seat to the birth of The Beatles as the three famous members struck out on their own in Liverpool and Hamburg.  

To this day Rod still plays with his Quarrymen bandmates and performs regularly at shows across the world.


All Together Now with Peter Hooton

Chairman of the Beatles Legacy Group Peter Hooton gave his Seal of Approval to the museum when he visited us recently.

Peter, also vocalist for the band The Farm, signed our Wall of Fame and was impressed by the extensive collection that further added to his extensive Beatles knowledge.


John Jorgenson takes a break from Elton John’s world tour to visit the museum

Multi-instrumentalist John Jorgenson signed our wall of fame after his tour of the museum. As well as leading his band, Hellecasters and the Desert Rose Band, John has performed with some of the biggest names in music, including Elton John, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Barbra Streisand  

John spent a few hours exploring the collection and said the museum was the best thing he’d seen in Liverpool!


Shannon MacDonald’s amazing portrait gifted to the museum

At our Breakfast with the Beatles event Shannon presented the museum with one of her incredible paintings. Guests got a first look at the beautiful piece and the chance to see some of the rest of her work, as well as meeting Shannon, the world’s premier Beatles artist.


Alanna Nash visiting the Liverpool Beatles Museum

Alanna is a music biographer and journalist who has written some amazing books on iconic musicians, including Dolly Parton and Elvis, so she was fascinated with the Elvis collection we have here at the museum.

It was great to hear her stories and learn more about some of the fantastic people she has met throughout her career!

Liverpool FC CEO Peter Moore Paying a visit to the museum

Peter Moore took some time out from overseeing our European Champions to indulge in a visit to the top Beatles attraction in Liverpool. 

Being a massive Beatles fan himself, Peter was fascinated by the exhibits in the museum and spent a few hours exploring the museum and meeting Roag. 


Lord Woodbine’s daughter Carol Phillips

Carol was in the museum to film her interview for a documentary exploring the different experiences of members of the Windrush generation.

Carol spoke about her memories of her father and his experiences with the Beatles, and was generous enough to loan some personal items of Lord Woodbine’s to the museum, notably his signature bowler hat and suitcase. These will be going on display soon!

A visit from Wilco!

Our friends John, Glen and Pat from American band Wilco called in to pay us a visit before their sell out performance at the Albert Hall in Manchester earlier this month.

They thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the museum and can’t wait to come back again to see what’s new next time they’re in town.