Here at the museum we are celebrating Ringo’s birthday by dedicating a section of the museum to the iconic Beatles drummer.

Ringo’s drumming on songs like Rain, Come Together, A Day in the Life, She Loves You and so many more serve to underline his crucial importance to the Beatles’ sound.

Ringo, although being left handed, played a right handed drum kit. Many commentators have speculated that it was this combination that led him to deliver rolls and fills in such a unique way that it made them almost impossible to mimic. His mantra was never to play the same fill twice in the same song, and this added that special beatle-ness to so many tracks.

In essence, his percussive talents were all directed towards serving the song and that element of his musicianship remains his most formidable achievement.

Below you can see his drum stool and hardware from his Ludwig kit, and an imprint of his hands – the hands that played the drums that brought the feel and pulse to the biggest band in the world!

Wishing you another year another year of peace and love from everyone here at the Liverpool Beatles Museum Ringo ☮️