Dandy cartoonist, Nigel Parkinson, was working on a new idea for his “little” series of cartoons which was to feature “Little Sir Paul McCartney”. Having already used Simon Cowell and Richard Hammond as subjects in this series Nigel began the story board for Sir Paul.

He then remembered an interview Paul had done in 1963. In the interview McCartney revealed that to appear in the Dandy comic, which he read fervently as a child, was one of his life’s ambitions. Nigel set about contacting Paul and alerted him to the fact that, as the last edition of the Dandy was to be printed soon, it was Paul’s final opportunity to have his wish realised. Paul agreed to get involved and the “Little Sir Paul McCartney” story was shelved.

Sir Paul’s wish ultimately came true and thanks to Nigel’s skills he did appear with Desperate Dan in the final edition of the Dandy in 2012.  Sir Paul later commented that some of his friends thought that his appearance was a highlight of his career. All that remained of the “Little Sir Paul McCartney” idea was the story board.

Today, 20th October 2022, the Liverpool Beatles Museum unveiled our newest additions – the final issue featuring Paul and the unseen storyboard for both the featured comic and Nigel’s shelved “Little Sir Paul McCartney” story. We were pleased to welcome Nigel as our special guest speaker, along with Tim Quinn, marvel artist who will be helping us to grow our Beatles comic collection. We are working on building a collection of all the comic books featuring the Beatles and this is the first step in celebrating the newest section of our museum!