With a little help from our friends: see who’s visited the museum

Find out which famous faces have paid us a visit recently

A visit from May Pang!

It was amazing to have our friend May Pang pay a visit to the museum this month.

May Pang was John Lennon’s partner for over two years and today is a guest speaker at major Beatle events. It was a pleasure to show her around the museum, which she found to be a highly emotional experience that brought back a lot of memories for her.

Shannon MacDonald’s amazing portrait gifted to the museum

At our Breakfast with the Beatles event Shannon presented the museum with one of her incredible paintings. Guests got a first look at the beautiful piece and the chance to see some of the rest of her work, as well as meeting Shannon, the world’s premier Beatles artist.

Liverpool FC CEO Peter Moore Paying a visit to the Museum

Peter Moore took some time out from overseeing our European Champions to indulge in a visit to the top Beatles attraction in Liverpool. 

Being a massive Beatles fan himself, Peter was fascinated by the exhibits in the museum and spent spent a few hours exploring the museum and meeting Roag. 


Lord Woodbine’s daughter Carol Phillips

Carol was in the museum to film her interview for a documentary exploring the different experiences of members of the Windrush generation.

Carol spoke about her memories of her father and his experiences with the Beatles, and was generous enough to loan some personal items of Lord Woodbine’s to the museum, which have just gone on display and can be found on the first floor!

A visit from Wilco!

Our friends John, Glen and Pat from American band Wilco called in to pay us a visit before their sell out performance at the Albert Hall in Manchester earlier this month.

They thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the museum and left with their own exclusive copies of Hayman’s Green on vinyl.